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Happy (almost) Fathers Day

To all the men who positively contribute to society by sharing their life and love with us - thanks guys!

almost time to party

I graduate with my bachelors degree in just 2 short weeks. Assuming I can get all of my final papers written.

I am trying to throw myself a graduation party on May 10th - I'm starting to get a bad feeling that no one is going to come.

I am also hoping to be more social again now that I am finished with school and have found a regular Monday-Friday day job - using my tech writing degree! Yay job! Now if only it paid better!

Long time, no see

Hey LJ! What's shaking?

weight loss buddy wanted

I am using, http://www.myfitnesspal.com/ursulagoddess
to help me with my weight loss effort. I had lap-band surgery in 2003 and now, 10 years and two kids later, I am heavier than when I originally had that surgery. So now it's all on me to get my act together and get fit before I sucumb to the family curse of a heart attack.

the photo proofCollapse )

I am doing this for me! For my health, my heart, my knee's, my back, for my family so I can enjoy a good long life with the Single!Boys(TM).


and then there was one

I posted this on FB already but ...

The hardest part of service to the feline overlord is when it's time to say goodbye. Slinky is not able to get himself into the litter box and shakes when he lifts his head and tries to move, but that kitty still wants pettin's! So tomorrow we will help him cross over the rainbow bridge...

Tomorrow Tiger becomes an only cat.



Is is spring yet?

Semester is almost over, every one still alive.

Oh yeah, we moved...

moving sucks

a lot

Happy Birthday Rebecca

It is solangenola's birthday day and I hope she and her husband are having an excellent day.

Miss you lots!

our first parting

Neo Cat, 2009-2012Collapse )

Thank you for making every moment count.


It's that time again...

I voted!


... and I'll do it again next election!!!

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