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30 August
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So you found my journal did you? Well I knew you would! So you want to know more about me 'eh? Well, I enjoy chatting on-line with my friends, making garb for the SCA, reading, listening to music, watching movies, and working on my various personal & group related web pages and of course, spending time with my family, friends and kitties. Please drop me an email at, ursulagoddess(@)yahoo.com, if you are adding me to your friends list so that I can do the same =)

On January 21st, 2006 I married my beloved bsingle. In July, 2006 we welcomed our first son into the world, and in May 2010 our family was completed by our second son.

We're also support staff to four great cats! All hail our feline overlords!!!

Pro Woman, Pro Child, Pro Choice! Don't forget that adoption is also a choice! So lets hear it for the ability to make our own choices!!! There are lots of choices too and its kinda sad how 'pro-choice' seems to turn into 'pro-abortion' in people's heads. In a perfect world every pregnancy will be a wanted one. Until that time we need to educate our people about how to prevent conception and the spread of STDs. I would like to see abortion remain safe, legal and become infrequent.

... Why yes, I am a raging, feminist, liberal ... does that bother you?

Marriage is love.

Bumer Sticker I need: Better a bleeding heart than no heart

Support love.

Equality NOW!!!
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